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Champion Home Watch Services, Inc


Tom Champion, Owner

P.O. Box 30352   

Phoenix, AZ. 85046


Phone: 602-980-2340

Fax: 602-923-8096






Contractor, Maintenance, and Repair Service Coordination and Monitoring


  • We will monitor and/or coordinate any repair, maintenance, or contractor services to be performed in or on your home, and will remain on premises while work is performed if you desire.   Additional charges will apply.*

  • We will advise you of any conditions or situations that, in our opinion, could adversely affect the overall outcome of the project.


Automobile Start-Up Service*


  • We will start your vehicle(s) per your schedule, and allow idling in place to bring to full temperature, and recharge the battery (usually 15-20 minutes).

  • Check for flat tires or leaks.

  • At your instruction, we will contact your mechanic for any necessary repairs.*


Storm and Severe Weather Inspections


  • Storms during the summer months can be quite violent, causing damage to homes and property from high winds, heavy rain, flooding, and dangerous lighting. 

  • Essential home systems air conditioning, security alarms, and pool systems can be damaged or de-energized by power outages and surges. 

  • CHWSI will perform a thorough combined interior/exterior inspection of your home as soon as possible after a severe storm event.

  • Check fuse/circuit breaker box for signs of surge damage.


Photographic Reporting of Conditions*


  • CHWSI will provide photographs of any condition of interest, from general interior and/or exterior appearance, to photographic proof of contractor performance, for situations requiring corrective action.  Additional charges may apply.*


  • CHWSI can mail photographic prints, photo files on 3.5" floppy disk or CD, or for fastest response, email them to you for immediate review.  Additional charges may apply.*


Additional Services*


  • Package pick-up.

  • Mailings.

  • Meeting and follow-up with contractors, repairman and etc.

  • Welcome home shopping.

  • Other client requested duties agreed upon.



           *   Additional services charged at the

                    rate of $39.00 per hour with a one

                    hour minimum.

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