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Champion Home Watch Services, Inc


Tom Champion, Owner

P.O. Box 30352   

Phoenix, AZ. 85046


Phone: 602-980-2340

Fax: 602-923-8096






General Information


Home checks will generally be conducted on a weekly basis.  However, efforts will be made to vary the days and times so as to prevent  the establishment of a routine that is recognizable to outsiders.  On occasion, home checks may be conducted after dark to check on lighting.


The key(s) to your property will be stored in a secure key lock box, number coded.  Addresses and codes will be stored in another location on a secured computer.


It is the purpose and mission of Champion Home Watch Services, Inc. to be "Another set of eyes", the "friendly neighbor" or "house sitter" who watches over your home during your absence.  Sorry, we do not provide plant watering, pet sitting or security services. 



We recommend the following


1)  Provide us with contact information for the service personnel, who have access to your property such as but not limited to:  

          Pool/spa maintenance

          Landscape maintenance

          House cleaners

          Alarm company






2)  Ensure both inside and outside lighting are on timers.

3)  Exterior plants and yard are on automatic watering systems.

4)  We will shut off water to the house at the main shut-off valve, not the meter.  Please make sure the automatic watering systems (pool fill, plants, yard and etc.) receive water from a feed prior to the house shut-of valve.

5)  Remove or secure any and all valuables.


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