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Interior Plumbing Check


Visually inspect water service and all interior taps and faucets for leakage.

Check that toilets are functioning properly. 

Check washing machine and dishwasher hoses for leaks.

Inspect water heater for leaks and/or PRV drainage.

Inspect walls, ceilings, and floors for signs of leakage.

Run water in all sinks, tubs, showers and toilets to keep traps filled.

Check drains for signs of back up.

Inspect for water leakage under sinks and vanities.


General Interior Inspection


Inspect overall interior condition of home.

Check refrigerators and freezers are cooling properly.

Look for signs of forced or unauthorized entry, theft or vandalism.  Immediately report to Police.

Check that security system is set.

Check that all doors and windows are closed, securely locked, and are in good condition.

If any unusual odors are detected, initiate corrective actions. 

Look for unusual dirt or dust evidence.

Check home for visual signs of insects or pests.

Check floors, walls and ceilings for signs of water damage or leaks.

Check for mold growth on interior surfaces (walls, doors, ceilings, etc.).  Take appropriate actions per your request.*

Assess quality of maid/cleaning service performance.

Check all timer-activated interior lights for proper operation and bad bulbs; replace with customer supplied items as needed.

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