Your trusted professional home watch service in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas



Champion Home Watch Services, Inc


Tom Champion, Owner

P.O. Box 30352   

Phoenix, AZ. 85046


Phone: 602-980-2340

Fax: 602-923-8096








      List of Services



  • Interior Plumbing Check



  • General Interior Inspections*



  • General Exterior Inspections*



  • Yard and Lawn Inspection



  • Exterior Plumbing and Sprinkler System Checks



  • Pool and Spa Monitoring



  • Air Conditioning and Heating  System Check

















  • Contractor Maintenance and Repair Service Coordination and Monitoring*



  • Automobile Start Up Service*



  • Shutdown Services



  • Welcome Home Service*



  • Storm and Severe Weather Follow-up Inspections



  • Photographic Reporting*


  • Turn off the water


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